Best Passport Photo Apps for Android

Best Passport Photo Apps for Android

When we go to any government agency or somewhere else, we must have a passport photo on hand. While this is a minor activity, it takes a long time to complete it at the last minute. We can finish this task ahead of time, but the studio guy charges us a lot of money for such a short bit of work. Here we share the Best Passport Photo Apps for Android.

Why don’t you keep some passport photos on hand that you can print yourself? Yes, we’re talking about your smartphone here. In this digital world, everything is so simple for us. Making a passport-size photo on your own has never been easier thanks to technological advancements.

You can create and store your own photo ID and still have a professional-looking outcome. The best passport photo apps for Android allow you to take a shot using your phone’s camera and immediately convert it into a suitable passport photo. You may even generate a professional-looking photo by removing the background from an existing photograph. Check out the best apps to take passport size photos on Android from below.

Best Passport Photo Apps for Android

Today, we’re going to talk about some Android apps that will allow you to make a passport-size photo from mobile by yourself. If you are concerned about the fact that you may not get the appropriate format or size, the apps are easy to use. Depending on national standards you can choose the appropriate VISA or passport size and type. Check out the passport size photo maker app from below.

1. Passport Size Photo Maker

Passport Size Photo Maker

The Passport Size Photo Maker is one of the best apps to create passport size photos on Android phones. You may make ID and passport photographs from any existing photo or a photo capture with your phone. Don’t worry if you only have a group photo, cropping, changing the background, and enhancing the photographs are all simple tasks.

This app supports passport and VISA formats from about 150 nations, allowing it to cover practically the whole globe. By combining regular passport, id, or VISA images into a single 4×6, 5×7, or A4 page, the passport size photo maker saves you a lot of money. Along with the sharing feature, which allows you to print from a nearby photo booth.

Passport Size Photo Maker Features:

  • Change background to acceptable passport standards with auto-editing capabilities.
  • Easy Sharing option.
  • Support for 150 countries’ passports
  • Create passport photos from any photo or camera

Download Passport Size Photo Maker App

2. Passport Photo AiD

Passport Photo AiD

Passport Photo AiD allows you to capture or add a photo from your camera roll, then uses artificial intelligence to examine it for compliance. It’s also good to remove and replace the background with pure white, which is fantastic if you do not have white walls in your house.

The app detects which photo size (2×2 inch, 4×6 cm, 35 mm, etc) is required for your document (passport photo, visa photo, id photo, and other ids pictures). It is included with a photo crop tool/photo resizer tool that fits the picture to the correct size. It takes about 3 seconds for your photo to be prepared.

Passport Photo AiD Features:

  • Create passport photos from any photo or camera
  • AI-based algorithms
  • Automatically recognize the face on the photo and automatically crop the image
  • Remove and replace the background with pure white
  • Automatic Photo Resizer / Photo Cropper tool

Download Passport Photo AiD App

3. Passport Photo ID Maker Studio

Passport Photo ID Maker Studio

Among similar apps, Passport Photo ID Maker Studio is the best passport size photo editor. Passport size photo maker is able for all nations in the world including the US, Spain, Germany, France, India, Italy, Korea, and Brazil to create official photo sizes for IDs, Passport, VISA, and Licence.

You can use the app to make a simple passport photo and save it in the proper file and size. You can combine several types of ID photographs if you require them all. You can then print a single set on an A4, 5/7, 4/6, 44, or 34 sheets of paper. It also includes a photographer’s manual to assist you in capturing that perfect, professional-looking snap.

All of the essential features for creating a passport photo are accessible for free. It does, however, have a premium option that allows you to use advanced editing features such as Automatic background removal and the Ink and Money Saver option.

Passport Photo ID Maker Studio Features:

  • Create official photo sizes for IDs, Passport, VISA and Licence of all countries
  • Ink and money saver
  • Automatic background removal
  • Print multiple photos together
  • Choose file type and size
  • Offer photographer’s manual

Download Passport Photo ID Maker Studio App

4. ID VISA Passport photo

ID VISA Passport photo

This app functions as an online photo booth, allowing you to edit or shoot images using your smartphone. Artificial intelligence is used in this powerful photo generator app to generate photographs for various types of documents as needed. It can also be used to create various types of images, such as student ID photos, school card photos, infant passport photos, and newborn passport images.

Simply select a selfie or a pic of your choice and leave the rest to this AI-powered software. The built-in automatic passport photo editor functions primarily as an image background remover. It instantly converts the photo background to a white or transparent background.

ID VISA Passport photo Features:

  • AI-powered software
  • Image background remover
  • Powerful editor

Download ID VISA Passport photo App

5. Passport photo maker

Passport photo maker

A passport photo maker is a convenient and simple way to create passport-size photos. It works with a variety of countries and passport photo sizes. It allows users to create their own passport-size photographs based on preferred specifications for width and height. It may be used to produce photos for identification cards, election cards, pan cards, visa photos, school identity card creator apps, office id card makers, license photo editors, and custom photo designs.

You can use this software to erase photo backgrounds, change the color of your background, and save 1 to 6 photographs for your passport size photo. Background Changer, Tilt Image, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Exposure, among other features, are included. You may email the result, save it to your gallery, and share it with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

Passport photo maker Features:

  • Erase photo backgrounds
  • Change the color of your background
  • In-built editing tool
  • Easy sharing option

Download Passport photo maker App

Wrapping Up: Best apps to take passport size photo on Android

These are the best passport photo apps for Android. All of these apps offer a user-friendly interface and convenient settings and templates for a variety of documents and countries.

Have any questions? Do let us know that in the comments below. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter to read more such helpful posts.


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