7 Best Free Video Splitters 2021 for Windows and Mac Users

Best Free Video Splitters

Video creators know the importance of cutting a large video file into several shorter clips at a precise time. Things will be simple if you find an easy-to-use video splitter software. From your experience, which video splitter program is the best? What video splitter software for Windows can quickly cut a video multiple equal files while maintaining good video quality? This post will list 7 Best Free Video Splitters software as well as their features for you to compare them side to side. 

1) MiniTool MovieMaker 

MiniTool MovieMaker is a feature-packed video editor that can be used as the video splitter software on Windows. You could trim or split the video into multiple smaller parts or combine several videos in easy steps. What’s more, it offers many other video editing features for you to craft professional-looking videos.

Below are some features of MiniTool free video splitter.

  • Can work as a video splitter, video trimmer, and video joiner program for individual use.
  • The software provides some video templates for you to save time and energy to make cool movies.
  • You will find some free songs in the audio template library, which can be used as your video background music.
  • It comes with many types of transitions, filter effects, animated texts, and flexible color correction settings.
  • You can convert the video format or tweak the resolution to get different file sizes and quality. 
  • Accelerate the videos, make slow-mo videos or add a rewind effect by reversing your video.

Tutorial on How to Split Video with MiniTool MovieMaker 

Step1. Install MiniTool free video splitter on Windows 10/8/7.

Download MiniTool MovieMaker from the official website on your computer.

Step 2. Import your multimedia files.

Run this video splitter software and you will enter the main UI, the picture below will show you what it looks like, the main UI is composed of 3 parts, including the media library, preview window, and timeline. To import the video files that you wish to split, please click the Import Media Files button.

Once it’s done, the imported files will show in My Album, now drag and drop them into the timeline at the lower side of the interface.

Step 3. Begin to split the video file.

Method 1. Split a long video in the video track

Choose the video, play it, and stop it where you want to split. Then, a scissors icon will automatically appear on the timeline, tap that scissors icon and the video will be spit into two parts right away. 

Method 2. Accurately split /cut a video clip frame by frame

Select the video you need on the timeline, click the scissors icon on the toolbar choose “Full Split” to open the SPLIT/TRIM window, after that, play the video and stop it where you want to split. Click the scissors icon, finally click OK to confirm. 

Step 4. Save the new video on your PC.

Play and video to see how it looks, if you feel comfortable with all changes, click the Export button at the upper-right corner to save the new clips. In this step, you are feel to select a resolution for the output video and choose the video format, for example, MKV,TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, WEBM, MPEG-2, and MOV.


  • This entirely free, clean video editor won’t leave a watermark on your videos.
  • It even supports 4K UHD video editing.
  • Can be used to split video files and audio files.
  • Trim the video to remove some parts that you do not need with little effort.
  • The movie templates will help you do productive video editing.
  • If you need a precise result, you can split/trim videos with frame accuracy.


So far, the software is only available for free download on Windows.

2) Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft provides the Windows Movie Maker for PC users to edit videos and then share them to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and OneDrive, etc. By following the simple instructions, you can split video clips in Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1. Hit the “Add videos and photos” button to import a video (or multiple video files) to this free video cutter program.

Step 2. Go ahead, drag the black Vertical Line to the proper place in the video, when you are done, click Video Tools > Edit > Split, at last, save the new video to your computer.


As an entry-level desktop video editing application, Windows Movie Maker is easy to understand for users who are new to video editing.


The software has officially discontinued updating. 

Many users reported they have issues running Windows Movie Maker. The program crashes or freezes during video playback.

3) Windows Photos

If you are using Windows 10, you could try the hidden video editor Photos app to easily split/trim a video. 

How to Split Video with Photos App ( in Windows 10 )?

1) Launch the app on the Windows 10 computer, click ”New video”, click the + Add icon to import a video file. After it is done, please drag and drop that file to the timeline.

2) Select one video file, afterward, hit the ”Split” button which is under the preview window.

3) Move the blue icon to the position where you want the video to be cut then click Done click Finish video to save the newly trimmed videos.


  • The simplistic design makes video editing operations easy to understand.
  • The application has the features of photo browsing and searching.
  • It also offers some other functions for you to add music, 3D objects, or special effects to your video clips.


  • It is only suitable for you to do quick trims and perform basic tasks. 
  • This app cannot add video transitions. Some users find out the app takes up an incredible amount of resources on Windows computers.

4) VLC

VCL, the cross-platform media player software, works like a Swiss Army Knife. In fact, you can use VLC to split a large video into several segments.


  • Can split the large audio files and video files with a few simple clicks.
  • It provides excellent file compatibility, saving you the trouble to download additional codecs.


  • VLC sometimes has lagging, skipping or stuttering issues.
  • It lacks advanced video editing features.
  • The software does not support splitting video clips precisely.
  • You will need to wait quite a long time to split a large video file into many parts.

5) MP4Tools

Another free project that we’d like to recommend is MP4Tools. This open-source, functional software can assist you to split a long video into pieces and join multiple video clips into one.


  • Directly split videos and merge the videos without re-encoding.
  • You can use the batch conversion mode to make video editing more efficient.
  • The software offers good quality for the output video.


This MP4 video splitter tool only supports videos in MP4 format. 

6) OpenShot

The OpenShot is free to download on Windows, Linux and Mac, and it comes with no watermark added. This free video editor can also be used for splitting and merging video clips.


  • Openshot supports almost any type of audio and video.
  • The animation framework and video effects are impressive for both beginners and pros.
  • It supports more than 70 languages.


  • Sometimes the program runs slowly, especially when you apply video effects.
  • You need to install additional plug-ins to use 3D animated titles and other digital effects.

7) iMovie – Reliable Video Splitter for Mac OS X

You will find it is not difficult to split a large video file using iMovie. It is a preferred application for Mac OS X users to easily trim video, apply different transition effects, add music/text to videos, and so on. 


  • The straightforward interface is friendly for the users, including the less tech-savvy people.
  • It comes with many audio enhancement tools.
  • The video editing application provides many movie templates for users to choose from.


  • The clip/trim feature is not perfectly accurate. You cannot use the application to split videos into smaller segments by frame.
  • You can add only a limited number of video tracks (maximally 2 video tracks).


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