Android20 Best Build.Prop Tweaks You Must Try in 2019

20 Best Build.Prop Tweaks You Must Try in 2019

Build.prop is the most important Android system file that contains all the information about the device, build properties and settings. The file contains build information and other system properties which will be loaded when your device first boots. With build.prop you can add lots of tweaks and customization on your device. We share 20 Best Build.Prop Tweaks for you to try.

To Use Build Prop Tweaks On Your Android Device, Yo needed a Rooted Device and a Root File Manager. You can modify or tweak your device by simply change the values of existing lines, or add new lines in build.prop. Below we share Best Build.Prop Tweaks for you and also a guide to Use Build Prop Tweaks On Your Android Device.

How To Use Build.Prop Tweaks On Your Android Device.

To make any changes on the build.prop file on your device, you need a rooted device and a Root File explorer. Once install the Root file explorer, open the app and grant the root permissions to the app. Before making any changes on build.prop file, we strongly recommended you to take a complete backup of your device and also take a backup of your build.prop file.

  1. Download and Install Root Explorer or ES File Explorer on your Android device.
  2. Open the app and grant the root permissions
  3. Navigate to /System/ and locate build.prop. Tap the file to open it.
  4. Now make changes in the build.prop file.
  5. Make your desired changes and give proper permission.
  6. After making changes, save the file and Reboot.

20 Best Build.Prop Tweaks You Must Try in 2019

There are tweaks for everything, There are build.prop tweaks for faster internet, wifi, build.prop tweaks for gaming and many more. For lots of options to choose, we share with you a 20 must have Build.Prop Tweaks for You.

1) Faster Internet

Are tired of slow internet? Don’t worry here is a build.prop for faster internet. You can get much faster internet access by changing the DNS server setting on your device. Currently, there is an app available to enable Cloudflare DNS on Android. Also, Android Pie users can Enable Google DNS from Phone settings. But if you don’t want another app on your device, you can add below line to your build.prop file to enable DNS. After applying this I test my internet speed and the result was amazing.

net.dns1= net.dns2=

2) Stream Videos Faster

Buffering is a common problem while watching videos online on your Android device. By adding below code to your build.prop file you can increase the speed of streaming videos.

media.stagefright.enable-player=true media.stagefright.enable-meta=true media.stagefright.enable-scan=true media.stagefright.enable-http=true media.stagefright.enable-rtsp=true media.stagefright.enable-record=false

3) Quick Power On

If your phone has lots of application, your device will take a lot of time to boot up. Many services boot up on startup which cause slow booting process. But by enabling quickpoweron you can boot your device faster. Quickpoweron is a process in which most of the data was stored as a hibernation file, which was then loaded upon the next boot.


4) Change screen DPI

Change DPI for Bigger or Smaller is one of the best build.prop tweaks of all time. If you have a problem viewing the contents on your screen, then you can adjust the DPI value range between 120 and 640. You can change the value by heading to the build.prop >“ro.sf.lcd_density” under “BUILD INFO” section.


5) Improved Overall Performance

The most effective ways to improve the overall performance of the device is to add the below code on the build.prop file.


6) Improve Picture Quality

Android devices render the picture at a lower quality to reduce the processing power. If you think your device has enough power and handle the rendering images with original quality, you can change the Image quality to 100%. Use the below code to increase the JPG quality to 100%.

7) Enable Auto Rotation on Home Screen and Lock Screen

Many stock launchers and OEMs do not support auto-rotation for the homescreen and lock screens. This option was available on the earlier version of the Android but due to some reason its removed from the last few versions of Android. With a simple build.prop tweaks you can Enable Auto Rotation on Home Screen and Lock Screen.

For Home Screen 
For Lock Screen lockscreen.rot_override=true

8) Improve Scrolling

If you are facing a glitch or slow scrolling issue on your device, you can enable below code to Improve Scrolling on your Android device. Below code helps you improve scrolling by altering the minimum and maximum fluid velocity.

windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=150 ro.min_pointer_dur=8 ro.max.fling_velocity=12000 ro.min.fling_velocity=8000

9) Enable or Disable On-screen Navigation keys

Most stock Android phones don’t have this functionality to most stock Android phones don’t have this functionality to Enable or Disable On-screen Navigation keys. But with below code you can Enable or Disable On-screen Navigation keys on any Android device.

To Enable On-screen Navigation keys - qemu.hw.mainkeys=1
To Disable On-screen Navigation keys - qemu.hw.mainkeys=0

10) Make your phone ring as soon as you get a call

Below build.prop tweak will make your phone ring as soon as you get a call instead of waits and verifies the connection before it sends the signals to ring the phone.

ro.telephony.call_ring.delay=0 ring.delay=0

11) Improve Call quality

You can change the volume of your voice calls to manage it more precisely. By changing this number you can control the AMR audio codec’s property to improve the call quality.

12) Increase the time between WiFi network scans

By turning on WiFi, Android scans the WiFi network by default at 15 seconds intervals. This will drain out a lot of battery, by changing or increasing this number will save battery life.

wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=XXX Here, XXX is the time interval in seconds.

13) Keep Back-lit Capacitive Keys on while Screen is On

If your device has a hardware button you notice that backlit light of the button will lit for some time when you touch it. You can use below code If you want these key lights to be permanently turned on as long as the screen stays awake.


14) Disable USB Debugging notification

USB Debugging Notification appears every time when you connect your phone to PC. If you don’t like this feature you can turn off by using the below code.


15) Lock the launcher in memory

If you are getting any lag or performance issue, you can force and lock the launcher to stay in the main memory. Below code helps you free up some RAM by locking the launcher app to the memory


16) Force 270-degree rotation in all apps

By default, most of the Android system supports three default rotation 90°, 180°, and 270° but not all of them. You can forcefully enable the 270-Degree Rotation in all apps by adding below code at the Build.Prop.


17) Modify Logcat

If you are facing any bug or your system will crash, it will capture the logcat and gives you Notification all the time. By using below line you can disable the Error-Reporting or notification.

18) Improve battery life

Below build.prop tweak can save your device battery life by changing the wifi scan interval and changing the sleep mode frequency.

wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180 pm.sleep_mode=1

19) Better RAM management

Use the below code for Better RAM management.


20) Disable Black Screen Issue After Call

Use the below code If you are facing a Black Screen Issue AfterCall. The problem may occur due to your device’s proximity sensor is not functioning properly. It can be fixed by changing the proximity delay value.

mot.proximity.delay=0 ro.lge.proximity.delay=25

Wrapping Up:

These are the most useful android build.prop for your device to optimizes and customize your Android device. Do let us know which build.prop tweak is your favorite and if you know any good build.prop tweak let us know in the comment section.

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