A Guide for the Australian Koala Platinum Coins

Australian Koala Platinum Coins

One of the best-selling platinum coins in the Australian series is the Koala. It’s produced by the Perth Mint, famous in the world for making high-quality and pure gold and platinum coins. Learn more about platinum on this site here

There are just a few limited designs in the minted koalas in the platinum bullion series, and it’s excellent for both investors and collectors. The production is yearly and here are other things that you need to know about them.

History, Introduction, and Development

In the year 1986, the Gold Corporation began the series involving the Australian Kangaroo, and this was on behalf of the Western Australian government. The initial release was very successful as people wanted to get one, and in the next few years, Australia began to approve the minting of platinum and silver coins.

The Koala series began in 1988, and it was one of the first to have the 1-ounce denominated platinum bullion. In an instant, many interested investors around the world wanted one, and it became a big hit. In 1991, the minting of the larger versions of platinum, gold, and silver was started. The coins became available for investors who wanted a 1-kilogram denomination, but they can be obtained for 10 ounces or 2 ounces. They were purchased from Perth’s Mint, and international markets began to see the company as one of the best sources of platinum coins.

The Mint has maintained a lower number when it comes to the Koala, and as a result, it became a scarce denomination in the market. You can visit this site https://www.metal-res.com/gold-ira/australian-koala-platinum-coins/ for more information on how to obtain one if you’re interested in adding them to your collection. Some of them were designed in an exquisite way, including the looks for frosted and crafted platinum and the brilliance of the coinage itself.

The bullion shows images of fauna in Australia, and they usually carry the name of a unique subset of animals exclusively found in the continent alone. Koalas are marsupials that dwell in trees. They are adored and known worldwide for their tiny bodies and appearance that resembles that of a teddy bear. In fact, recent surveys from tourists have placed the Koala as one of the most sought-after animals that they want to see when they visit Australia.

Physical Characteristics of the Bullion

The obverse or front design features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the British Monarch. This was created by Ian Rank Broadley, and this is a portrait recognized in national coinages worldwide. Most of the bullions in Australia bear the image of Elizabeth the II, and this includes the platinum Koala. The Queen is surrounded by the words AUSTRALIA, ELIZABETH II, and the coin’s face value.

Each year, there’s a different depiction and representation of the Koala bear on the reverse side. This perimeter is where the words THE AUSTRALIAN KOALA is written more visibly. There are the inclusions of the weight denomination, year of mintage, and the purity of the bullion.

Specifications to Know About

While the larger weight denominations exist, most of these coin series can offer investors various sizes that range from 1/20 ounce to 1 ounce. An ounce has a face value of A$100 with a diameter of 32.1. It usually weighs about 31.11g and has a thickness of 2.70mm. All of these koalas are guaranteed to be made up of 99.95% platinum, and they are more than eligible if you want to add them to your individual retirement account.

Pricing of the Bullion

Most of the koalas usually carry face value with them. This is a transactional value that’s often equivalent to the Australian currency. This is the value that’s backed and dictated by the government.

While the Koalas are generally considered legal tenders in Australia, the values are symbolic, and the actual price varies significantly because of their scarcity. The face value is different from the actual market value, and this will usually depend on the spot price of platinum at the time of sale. 

Know that the spot price of metals may fluctuate daily, and you need to check the live pricing, so you’ll have an idea of the fair market price of the coins. This is something that needs further research so you’ll be able to make wiser investment decisions that will make your portfolio grow exponentially. Check out several websites and watch expert traders on various platforms if you want to invest in precious metals to know more.

Adding the Coins to your IRA

Australian Koala Platinum Coins

All of the official Australian Platinum Koala coins are allowed to be placed in a self-directed IRA. This is when you place physical, genuine, and tangible metals in a depository that will be part of your individual retirement funds. This will become a diversification tool that will make a more balanced asset. Platinum is scarcer than gold and silver, and this is becoming more liquid nowadays as so many investors begin recognizing the value of this attractive and fantastic metal.

The IRS will allow specific types of self-directed IRA to carry bullion of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, so this is something that you may want to take advantage of. Most of these precious metals’ IRA add the platinum Koala as a wise choice since many believe that they will go up in value in the years to come. The coins also meet the purity requirements of the IRS, and they are guaranteed by the Perth Mint, so you’ll never go wrong with them. 


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