8 Reasons To Stay With WordPress!

Reasons To Stay With Wordpress

WordPress was initially designed as a blogging platform, but it is now a complete content management system (CMS). Because of this, many individuals choose to use this robust and user-friendly piece of software, including plenty of enterprises.

There are numerous website management software options available.

Each website builder, including Joomla and Dot Nuke, has a specific role. The issue for many of us is that we lack the resources or technological know-how to make some of these ideas work for us. WordPress is, fortunately, free and doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge.

Many internet businesses are powered by WordPress, a powerful content management system. WordPress is thought to be used by 33% of all websites (January 2020).

Kinex Media dispels this widespread misconception before discussing the different benefits of WP.

WordPress is merely a platform for blogging!

Much more than just a blogging platform.

It can be utilized as a conventional website, social networking site, e-commerce site, or any other purpose you choose.

You would be mistaken to believe that any of these items are expensive. Today, you can create a great WordPress website for about $200. Or, you could build one yourself for a lot less money. If you visit hostadvice, you can find cheap hosting plans for your WordPress site.

  • You needn’t be a Pro in Technicalities.

You can create a professional website using WordPress even if you’re not experienced with content management systems and don’t have access to a coder or designer on staff.

WordPress is substantially more straightforward to use than any of its rivals in terms of administration. Adding material is quick and easy with the administration interface, and installing plugins requires hardly any work.

Thanks to WordPress, you may create a website without relying on a web designer. Logging in will allow you to add quickly, update, or remove anything from your dashboard. The WordPress dashboard is simple to use and comprehend. 

  • Easy To Install

WordPress can be easily installed with only one click at most of the top web hosts. It’s unnecessary to download the WordPress installation files and upload them via an FTP server. You may quickly get started by visiting the control panel of your hosting company, clicking “Install WordPress,” and following the on-screen instructions. 

  • Strong Community Support 

This may be the main advantage of utilizing WordPress compared to other platforms. As I already indicated, WordPress is used by 27% of all websites worldwide. If you ever need assistance with anything, a tonne of ebooks, blogs, online courses, discussion forums, and other resources are all focused on assisting you in making the most of WordPress. Someone in the neighborhood knows the solution to your query and will assist you (probably for free).

The community component is one of the most essential and satisfying aspects of using this CMS. 

  • WordPress Updates 

Because WordPress is open-source (and so many people use it), the design and development community is continuously providing comments and making improvements. Whenever WordPress updates, a bug is fixed, or a new feature or functionality is added. It is continually being updated and enhanced. It’s not some immobile piece of software that ages with time. WordPress is constantly innovative. 

  • WordPress Theme Customisation

Your online business needs to have its look. WordPress offers plenty of opportunities for customization. In addition to plugins that can help make your site unique, there are thousands of templates that you can use for your WordPress site. Customizing a given template is relatively easy, although it requires some CSS knowledge. If you don’t possess that knowledge, many talented and qualified designers can do it for you… for a price.

  • Speed

WordPress is less clumsy than other website-building tools available today; however, it isn’t necessarily the fastest. Making sure that neither your template’s design nor any particular plugins are causing you to load pages slowly is crucial in this situation. Furthermore, Google made it evident that one of the factors for better ranking is the time it takes for a site to load. You may speed up the loading of your WordPress website by using a CDN and caching plugins. 

  • Website Management Security

A website that frequently has outages or is hacked is useless and can lead to a loss of client confidence, lost opportunities for sales, decreased organic search engine ranking, and a bad reputation for your company.

As part of our managed web hosting services, we take care of the security, backups, core updates, and updates for your WordPress CMS!

We employ tried-and-true development methodologies when creating websites in conjunction with our managed business hosting services to prevent break-ins frequently connected to CMS-driven websites.

Before your website is harmed, we lock it down to eliminate any potentially hazardous entry points that hackers and wrong users frequently employ.

Web nodes are regularly updated and firewalled. 

  • Help is all around

WordPress is an open-source platform that receives improvements from users worldwide. Additionally, they have millions — millions! — of knowledgeable users who can offer advice and provide answers.

And here is why you should choose WordPress if you have to pay a designer to construct your website:

Since there are so many designers, it will be simple to choose another one if you become dissatisfied with your current one. The online community is vibrant, and they’ve seen some of the most obscure, technically challenging inquiries concerning stuff that we had no idea even existed. And dozens of individuals responded to the query.



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