6 Tips to Dramatically Improve In Apex Legends

Tips to Dramatically Improve In Apex Legends

One of the most competitive battle royales that will keep you excited for yours is Apex Legends. But if you want to win or stay ahead of your opponents, you must understand the gameplay, choose your legend carefully and even spend some time mastering your moves. 

So, we have taken the time to gather some of the best pro tips available in this article. They will help you improve your tactics and strategies in Apex Legends. Also, we recommend that you get the best Apex hacks with aimbot to help boost your performance.

6 tips to dramatically improve in Apex Legends

  • Be a great team member

Apex Legends has several legends with unique abilities that sum up to help any team to overcome any in-game situation. For example, some characters have healing abilities to heal a badly injured teammate. 

But an important aspect of the team play in Apex Legends stems down to team members being able to communicate. Therefore, you must learn to communicate useful information to fellow teammates using the Ping system. For example, you can inform them about the location of enemies or loots.

  • Practice more for better results

An excellent platform for players to hone their shooting skills in Apex Legends is the practice range. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what weapons to choose, then you can head into the practice range and experiment with the different weapons available in the game.

You can also learn your favorite gun’s recoil pattern. Once you know the recoil pattern of different weapons, it becomes easier to understand what adjustments to make. You can also use the range to try out the different agents’ abilities.

  • Do more snapping

While in the practice range, you can use the opportunity to practice a technique that can fetch you more wins when used effectively. Apart from learning about the different weapons and agents, also practice snapping.

Snapping involves players shooting at targets and then quickly moving out of the spot. This technique will help you a lot when you’re caught in close-range battles where you have to shoot at several enemies within a limited time.

  • Improve your strafing technique

Snapping is done when a player aims for a target in the distance while behind cover, then runs sideways towards a nearby cover while releasing a burst of shots at the target. This will help you improve your aim dramatically.

You’ll also be able to make some neat shots without being unnecessarily exposed to bullets from enemies. Finally, if mastered efficiently, you’ll be able to increase your kill rate within a significantly low period.

  • Master your legend’s abilities

One of the most important tips that will help you get the best out of Apex legends is to master the different abilities of your chosen legend. Apex legends have characters with several unique abilities that help them serve their team in a special role.

The different abilities possessed by the different Legends are their passive ability, tactical ability, and an ultimate ability. Moreover, these abilities influence their playstyles greatly. For example, Gilbrata’s dome shield makes him a good legend for defenders. The more you know about the legends, the better your choice of legends and their different combinations.

  • Know how different weapons work

If you think you’ll thrive well by knowing your agent’s different abilities without a good knowledge of the guns, then you’ll fail miserably. You need to have a basic knowledge of how the different works and in what situations they’ll serve you best.

Sniper rifles will serve you best in long-range combat encounters, while you’ll need SMGs and shotguns in close-range fights. A good recommendation from us should include the Longbow and the Peacekeeper. You should also do well to get suitable weapon attachments to enable you to get the most out of them. 


Apex legends will give you several hours of fun when you get a good knowledge of the ins and outs of the game. So, you must take some time out to learn the maneuvers and special in-game mechanics associated with the game.

To get on with this, dedicate some time learning how the different guns available in the game work. You’ll also have an added advantage when you know how to use your Legend to the fullest in different situations. Also, learn how your Legend’s abilities can support the team.


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