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6 Best Places to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Nowadays, watching your favorite TV show or movie is one of the most common ways of passing time. Especially, since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the overall dynamic of the outside world, people are seeking newer forms of entertaining themselves indoors.

Luckily, we are blessed with services such as Optimum TV in the United States, but more often than not we prefer a bit more independence from the tight schedules and boring advertisements. That is why we thought of compiling a list of some of the best websites that offer the perfect TV show and movie watching experience online without asking for a single penny from you. Let’s see what these platforms are.


This remarkable website gives you the freedom of watching your favorite TV shows and movies without ever having to sign up with an account. You can enjoy exceptional titles such as Becoming Jane, The Hills Have Eyes, Laurel & Hardy Collection, and many others as well.

In case you do decide to sign up for an account on the website, you can enjoy further useful features such as the ability to create a custom watch list and synchronize your watch journeys across different devices.


Crackle is another exceptional platform worth checking out where you can watch your favorite movies and shows for free. What makes this platform worth considering is that it is owned by none other than Sony Pictures. This ensures that you will be able to enjoy quality content no matter what genre you may be interested in.

We all know the attention to detail Sony puts into its technologies; vibrant colors, high-quality images and captivating videos are the foundation of every Sony device, image, or video. Be sure to check out this website as you would not want to miss out on shows such as Snatch, The Art of More, and numerous others.


Not all websites allow you to enjoy the all-time classic TV shows that you grew up watching. Fortunately, Retrovision is not one of those websites. You can legally download and stream all the TV shows you want without any worries.

Moreover, the website features a pretty simple yet efficient layout that allows you to navigate through the website and find your favorite shows as quickly as possible. Whether you are in the mood for some crime-solving mysteries about Sherlock Holmes or would rather watch Scotty beaming his mates up on to the U.S.S Enterprise in Star Trek, this is the place to catch all that action.


In order to catch every single TV show and movie imaginable, you need to browse through quite a lot of different platforms as no one has them all, which is why Popcornflix is a worthy candidate on this list. The website hosts numerous genres such as action, comedy, thriller, romance and more, so everyone has something to watch all the time.

Here, you will find the simplest of layout that offers great ease to its users. Just type in the title you are looking for in the search bar on top or scroll through the humongous library until you find the right movie or TV show. Some of the best shows on the website include Schitt’s Creek, Yellowstone, Rick and Morty, and The Legend of Zelda.


Unlike other websites on this list, Yidio is a place that redirects you to other third-party websites where you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Even though you would land on websites that are not free to watch, you could still browse the free section on this website to find the desired titles.

The website features shows from a number of different streaming platforms such as CBS, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and numerous others. And you can only imagine the list of shows and movies it has – Doc Martin, Supernatural, Riverdale, and S.W.A.T are only some of the amazing titles that you will find on this website.


The CW Network has put forward a number of great TV shows that fans simply adore. Some of its most popular titles include The Flash, Arrow, The 100, and Jane the Virgin. Even though you will not be able to access all of CW Network’s content for free, there are still some titles that you can enjoy without paying. Still, having something to watch for free is much better than having nothing to watch at all.

Get Set, Watch!

Watching TV shows and movies has its own charm; these websites are more than happy to serve you, but one has to maintain a certain balance in life and should not spend hours in front of the screen at the cost of one’s health.

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Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and Tech, his favorite past time is playing video games and binge-watching TV Series.


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