5 Highly Powerful Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral Marketing Techniques

With the explosion of mass media and social media, a message can spread like a virus across networks to people living in geographically distant places and become the center point of discussion.

Now in a world where every brand is talking about itself, it is not easy to get your message heard. To cut through the clutter, Viral Marketing is simply about letting other people do your marketing for you without them even realizing it.

And that’s what is awesome about it. It has excited Marketers across the board since they believe that it is someone else who gets on with doing their job.

However, the manner in which viral content spreads makes people believe that viral marketing is purely based on luck. Often the creativity and effort put in it are often ignored. That is completely wrong though.

Viral Marketing is a Calculated Strategy & Not Mere Luck 

Viral Marketing is a product of enticing emotions of a group of your audience that you understand psychologically.

The ultimate goal of viral marketing is to increase brand awareness rather than generating revenue & converting clicks into sales for a specific product.

The brand awareness created by Viral Marketing is user-generated and because of this, it is not invasive. This is a lot more beneficial than other forms of marketing.

If your efforts really made a video go viral, congratulations! You were successful in creating good enough content that people shared it themselves. Every brand should have this aim.

To efficiently use the power of Viral Marketing through individuals, the real challenge is to create a message that is highly engaging and worthy of being shared widely across various channels.

So, let’s look into some techniques that’ll make your content go viral

#1: Go for the Emotional Connect

Until and unless your viral marketing technique has got an emotional appeal, it wouldn’t make much of an impact. Thus, your Viral Marketing has to have emotional content to trigger the emotions of the viewers.

For example, from dropping a man off the edge of the atmosphere to hosting the coolest bicycle stunts, the ad commercial of Red Bull always instilled a sense of awe and make our adrenaline rush.

According to statistics, emotions play a vital role in making a video go viral and “awe” is the strongest one. 25% of videos that go viral have a sense of fear and wonder involved in it.

It boosts the confidence of their audience & makes them feel that they can conquer anything. The emotional drive of any viral campaign should be strong enough to grab the attention of the audience in one shot.

You can set off love or hate in your audience through your content, create something that will make people jovial, insanely angry, be an idiot or a genius.

#2: Find a Good or Noble Cause

When your brand associates itself with a noble cause, the audience sees you as a responsible corporate citizen which definitely adds to your brand value & increases your credibility.

You can seek attention from the audience by picking up some major issues that the country/world is facing. The issues can be social, economic or even political in nature.

For example, you can promote the value of education in rural areas through your ads or contribute some of your profits in a charity.

This instigates people to buy your product since this approach gives them a chance to associate themselves to a noble cause indirectly.

But the brand needs to keep in mind that the model they have chosen for the campaign is neutral, relevant & provides a solution to the issues that are highlighted through ad campaigns.

Also, a detailed description of how the campaign works, how is it going to help & how has it already helped should be mentioned. Otherwise, this campaign can also work in the opposite direction.

#3: Give Valuable Products For Free

There is absolutely no one who doesn’t like something valuable for free. “Free” is the strongest word in the vocabulary of a marketer. It triggers a strong emotional response of the audience.

To attract the attention of your audience, offer the most valuable product or service you can for free.

The most viral marketing programs potentially benefitted by using offering something for free in their strategy.

Implementation of this strategy does not guarantee that you will start getting profits today or tomorrow. But if you can generate the interest of the people in your product/service, you will surely benefit soon.

Apart from developing the interest of the audience, you can also give a mini replica of your actual product. This replica should provide enough value so that people are convinced to buy the actual product.

#4: Reinforcement

A one-time viral message is not enough. Remember that the internet is highly cluttered & the attention span of the audience is low. People might find your campaign fascinating but it can be easily forgotten. Make sure that your efforts are continuous.

In marketing, you always have to be consistent. Persistency is the greatest thing to learn in Marketing.

If today your message went viral, tomorrow it might be somebody else’s. Make sure you deliver the message and endorse your product well in every message that you send across.

The reason for this is that you have very little control over what might go viral and what people will love more.

As you have already grabbed the attention of the audience, now you need to act. One of the easiest ways of doing that is to give them more. But also, do not become spammers.

Having a series of viral messages will strengthen the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaign. Also, you should be aware of what exactly you have to reinforce.

You should not distract yourself from the actual purpose of the campaign while trying to put in efforts to make your campaign go viral.

#5: Social Outreach

When celebrities or influential people in your industry recommend your product or service, it becomes easy for you to reach out to more people. Moreover, it builds a sense of conviction in your audience.

Influencers help in your SEO strategy as well. When people start sharing your content, they usually have a link back to your website. This helps you in the link building process.

This helps in bringing more organic traffic to your website which further helps in improving the website ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.

The most important thing is to offer a very unique content that can genuinely benefit the followers of those influential people.

Over to You

The tactics mentioned above work and work really well. The only deterrent from them working is a lack of execution ability. Focus on just these 5 tactics, and see your content go viral soon.


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