Top List10 Popular Video Editing Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS

10 Popular Video Editing Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS

Editing involves multiple tasks that are difficult to complete on just one mobile app. Some editors use three to four apps for the job. That would mean spending money on subscriptions having lesser edit options or the end product with a watermark. Moreover, they must be compatible with your system. In this blog, you will find the best video editing apps for Android and iOS.

Wondershare Filmora GO

The best thing about Wondershare Filmora Go is that amateurs can edit videos without a hitch. You can adapt to its simple and easy-to-use functions. It will only take you a week to master editing with this app.

Wondershare Filmora Go is remarkable. It gives your videos a professional look. Cropping, rotating, controlling playback speed, applying filters and effects to improve image quality is easy to do. You can switch to another music track without any trouble.

The free version is available with all the features. The only problem with using it free is the video will have a large watermark.

Kinemaster Video Editor

Kinemaster video editor is a comprehensive mobile app. The interface is also user-friendly. You do not need much time to figure out its features and learn to work with it. It is an excellent tool to drag clips between layers, rotate clips around, or trim them.

Although it does not have the in-depth fine-tuning options of premium software, it is superior to most mobile editing apps. This remarkable works well with iOS mobile systems. It works slightly slower on older models but works well with the later models.

You cannot replace your desktop software with KineMaster. But, works when you are on the move. The advantage is you do not need experience in video editing to work on this app.

You can use it with iOS and Android.

PowerDirector – Video Editor, Video Maker

If you are looking for an intuitive app, have a look at PowerDirector. It is fast, easy to use, and has several features. It can import and export videos up to 4K in select formats. It beats all other apps with its video stabilization tools.

It is a hassle-free interface meant for quick edits. You only need to tap the camera number on the number pad to produce Multicam videos with its Multicam design and Chroma-key functions.

PowerDirector may not be the best one available. But it works well for beginners, and the price is low. You can upload videos on social media from the app itself.


Filmr is a free app. It is easy to edit both videos and photos. You can give a professional touch to your videos by using filters and inserting transitions and music. It is best suited for automation.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is one of the best video editing apps to use for YouTubers and users of social media. The mobile app is easier to use than the desktop version from Adobe. You can quickly edit videos to upload them to the platform in specific ratio aspects and quality. It works well for beginners and those with editing experience. 

It is flexible, and you can work on the same video on your smartphone with Rush and on your desktop with Premiere Pro. Here is how you can do it—use Rush when you do not have access to your desktop, edit it quickly and upload on Cloud. When you get to your desktop, continue working on Premiere Pro.  

The easy-to-use interface has large icons and panels. That makes dragging and dropping clips to the timeline, adjusting color and contrast, inserting voiceovers and music simple.

It comes with a Tutorial but is so easy to use I doubt you will need to refer to it.

Inshot- Video Editor & Video Maker

If you are looking for a mobile photo and video editing app that does all editing tasks, your search ends with Inshot- Video Editor & Video Maker. It is rich in features and is available at various price options.

Adding photos is super easy with this app. You only need to upload it to the app. You can choose to leave it at default 1:1 orientation or expand it to fill the screen. Clip videos to the desired length before you upload them. Its repeat sub-menu features are easy to access during the various stages of video editing.

GoPro Quik: Video Editor & Video Maker

GoPro Quik, true to its name— is a quick, fun to use, and simple app

It has versatile features that make editing easy even for beginners. It is the best video editing app to use for video content to view on the smartphone; the resolution of the video exports at 1140p.

The app offers unlimited cloud storage for any video or image at its original resolution at a low price. You can edit and store content on the app and access it from the app.

Apple Clips for iPhone Users

iPhone users can use Apple Clips to make fun videos for social media with zero editing experience. It is a streamlined interface with features that work well. It is compatible with iOS devices, is pre-loaded, and is free. Check it out to know whether the app works for you.  

But the images adjustments like contrast, brightness, and audio levels do not function as well as they should. 

ActionDirector Video Camera

ActionDirector cuts out the dull moments and brings action into life. It is easy and quick to use, and beginners can handle it to project every bit of excitement in the footage to thrill the audience. 

Generally, movie cameras capture the best action scenes. The difficulty is in finding an editor that does the same. But ActionDirector retains all the detail the camera captures, applies color and lens correction to give you a finished movie with high FPS footage. Both free version and free trial versions of the app are available.

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is a platform like YouTube to host and share your videos. It has a plethora of tools. 

Vimeo Create video editing program is the most popular interface. n It is an advanced tool that editors with experience can work with ease. But beginners could find it hard to work with it.  

Although it is a platform for basic editing, it works well to create social videos that impact. You can opt for the free version. The paid version is available in four plans that start at $7 per month. These plans offer support at various levels. It backs its customers through email and help center support.


There are plenty of applications that are necessary for video editing. These applications are flexible and well suited for video editing.

Video marketing is today one of the best forms of marketing. You cannot score well with an ordinary video. You need a video with high impact to do well on social media. Choose one of these best video editing apps to help create stand-out videos.

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