10 Apps for Instagram Stories That Increase your Views 10X Times

Apps for Instagram Stories

As an influencer, business, or marketer, an Instagram story is the creative space any individual likes to utilize to the maximum potential. The core reason for creating great stories is to get higher engagements. 

Instagram stories allow you to get personal with your audience and make the most out of it through your creativity and new ideas to keep your audience occupied. 

It is always better to brainstorm some ideas ahead; it helps you be consistent and able to post more content regularly as far as the frequency of posting new stories is concerned. 

That being said, a great is not great with its proper execution, and it can be stunning by using extra helping tools. 

Yes, I am talking about the Apps that will make your stories look better and eventually perform better. 

This article covers the most important and useful apps that will help you create some amazing stories that will help increase the views and the overall engagements

Attention here!

Before getting into the specifics, an influencer or marketer must increase the number of followers they have and, in turn, their engagement on their social pages.

Suppose your followers aren’t growing, or your growth isn’t occurring, but you’re posting amazing content and constantly posting in stories. In that case, you should immediately decide to get Instagram followers.

It can be very helpful, and since many services help get Instagram profile viewers, it will increase your follower’s number and your engagement with your site too.

Let’s get straight to the point of introducing you to some of the amazing apps that can boost the creativity of your Instagram stories and views at the end of the day. 

  • VSCO

VSCO is an amazing photo editing tool that encompasses amazing filters and stunning color adjustment options. Not to worry if your photo-taking skills are not as good.

With VSCO, you can turn a normal and mediocre photo into an amazing one and eye-catchy. You can edit video as well with the addition of color gradients. This app is for you if you are looking for amazing edits, montages, and videos.

  • Unfold

Do you like magazines that mostly use the template to showcase imagery and visuals? If yes, then this app is for you. It gives you hundreds of templates to portray your story in the form of a magazine. 

Using this app will not only provide you with an aesthetic look but leave your viewers wondering how you managed to upload a story like that. 

  • Life lapse 

If you are a fan of photo animation, then this application is for you as it allows you to animate the still object in a picture, giving a wow factor to your stories. 

It encompasses lots and tutorials and lessons to teach you and help you create amazing animated videos. 

  • Hootsuite

It is always better to plan your content; it helps you keep posting consistently and regularly. It allows you to schedule your post for later, making you worry less about posting your stories on time. 

So, keeping yourself ahead of schedule always helps, and Hootsuite makes it easier for you. 

  • Storyluxe

This app is great if you are looking for amazing collages and a stunning outlook on your stories. This app provides hundreds of templates you can use to customize the pictures you want to put on a story. 

Overall, it gives a great feel to your story because it has multiple other elements, such as amazing text style and neon elements. 

  • WordSwag

Visuals with apt words become aesthetically and conceptually rich. This app does the same by offering you beautiful and striking fonts for you to use in your stories. 

Not only offering you multiple fonts, but it also allows you to use beautiful effects and layouts to customize your story creatively. 

  • Boosted

This app is for you if you want to utilize some amazing templates for your video; it works perfectly for any short video, reactions, or question answers videos. Moreover, it lets you add some overlay text and music of your choice. 

So if you are into posting more videos on your stories, then you should, for sure, give this app a try.

  • A Design Kit 

When it comes to visuals, design matters a lot. Creativity in design helps you get more engagement with your potential audience. 

This app gives you the luxury to design your image through hundreds of designs, stickers, fonts and brushes to add texture and amazing backgrounds. 

  • Seen

Your story should always look remarkable, and this app helps you do it. It offers multiple templates, stickers, and amazing cinematic transitions that you can use to portray your still images creatively. 

  • Adobe Express

Last but not least, Adobe Express is a great application if you are looking for top-notch templates and handy designs for you to use in making your story worth remembering. 

If you want your content to stand out, you should give this app a try, as it allows you to design your story in a way that people will see and remember for a longer run. 

Let’s wrap it up

Not to mention, third-party applications do play an integral part in making your content look impressive and formidable. Using all the applications mentioned above can help make your stories look worth remembering. 

In this article, all the important and amazing applications that can be of your help are discussed in detail, mentioning their features. 

I hope we have covered all the good stuff for you that you were looking for if you haven’t had the chance to try these applications before while creating Instagram stories.

Our suggestion is to try it out now and believe us; you won’t regret it as it will open lots of doors of creativity for you. 


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